IWWF Homologation Page

The IWWF Tournament Council has revised the rules for homologation requirements and Results and Ranking List display.
For a tournament's results to qualify for the IWWF Ranking List it must meet the requirements detailed in the following table
This will serve as your access page to that process.
OrderWhat must be doneWho must do itBy WhenHow
1.Post the Homologation Dossier on iwsf.com
Note: 2015 Dossier required
Homologator/Technical Controllerwithin 30 daysClick here to go to upload page
2.Post the tournament Results on iwsf.com
(Scorebook or placement list or both)
Multiple files may be loaded for one tournament.
Homologator or Scorerwithin 30 daysClick here to go to upload page
3.Load the Ranking List data to iwsftournament.com Federation or Region Assigned Personwithin 30 daysClick here to go to upload page

The basic text file 2015 Homologation Dossier form is available here
A Homologation Dossier can be created by Emmanuel Lion's Homologation program available here

Reference Information

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