IWWF Ramp Certification Form

IWWF Rule 13.02 f) The surface must be a flat plane.
A ramp designed in any method to be other than flat (wedge, kick, bow, etc..) is illegal and NOT allowed.
The tolerance of the plane deviation is maximum concave deviation of 2.0 cm from the plane. In addition, the maximum deviation, if larger than 1.0cm, must occur in the center of the out of water surface +/- 50 cm.
Example: If the jump surface out of the water is 6.8m, then the maximum measured deviation must be between 2.9m and 3.9m from the top of the jump.
No overall convex deviation is allowed. Minor convex at bottom where the hinge is against the surface may occur or where there is a main support. The intent is that the ramp not have a general upward bow (convex) from bottom to top.
The tolerance is only permitted when the ramp deviates from perfectly flat due to ageing, stress or imperfections in the building materials. Such deviations should be rectified if at all possible.

This form allows the site/ramp owner to certify that his ramp is designed in accordance with the rules and does not have a designed in wedge, kicker, bow, etc.
Actual measurements will be made by the homologator/Technical Controller as part of the tournament and are not required for this certification which is only meant to cover the design of the ramp.
Jump scores will not be accepted for the ranking list if the ramp is not in accordance with the rules.
If a certified ramp is found to actually not be in accordance with the rules then any score recorded in the ranking list from that ramp will be removed.

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By checking this box I, the above named site/ramp owner, certify that the ramp is designed to be a flat plane in accordance with the rules.