IWWF World Ranking List Skiers

This list shows all performances for a specific tournament submitted without iwwf skier id and if in the IWWF database shows the ID. This page has been published for reference.

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NameSexCountryYOBSlalomTrickJumpTournament Codesubmitted IDID
BERGMAN AndrewMCAN199258.0000.018M027LCAN100000241ID not found
BERGMAN AndrewMCAN199256.5000.018M027LCAN100000241ID not found
BERGMAN AndrewMCAN199262.5000.018M027LCAN100000241ID not found
BIGOURDAN LeoMCAN200538.0000.018M027LCAN100005481ID not found
BIGOURDAN LeoMCAN20050.0000.018M027LCAN100005481ID not found
BIGOURDAN LeoMCAN20054.5000.018M027LCAN100005481ID not found
BIGOURDAN TyMCAN200620.0000.018M027LCAN200004335ID not found
BIGOURDAN TyMCAN200620.5000.018M027LCAN200004335ID not found
BIGOURDAN TyMCAN200619.0000.018M027LCAN200004335ID not found
KLEIN IlanMCAN200250.0000.018M027LCAN100001636ID not found
KLEIN IlanMCAN200247.0000.018M027LCAN100001636ID not found
KLEIN IlanMCAN200247.0000.018M027LCAN100001636ID not found
KLEIN LazMCAN197043.5000.018M027LCAN100001637ID not found
KLEIN LazMCAN197050.5000.018M027LCAN100001637ID not found
KLEIN LazMCAN197045.0000.018M027LCAN100001637ID not found

* in IWWF database - not submitted in record