IWWF World Ranking List Skiers

This list shows all performances for a specific tournament submitted without iwwf skier id and if in the IWWF database shows the ID. This page has been published for reference.

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NameSexCountryYOBSlalomTrickJumpTournament Codesubmitted IDID
ÅSTRöM FredrikMSWE198352.0000.017NOR005SWE262011125ID not found
ÅSTRöM FredrikMSWE198344.2500.017NOR005SWE262011125ID not found
KNAPKOIEN Tuva LarsdatterFNOR200226.0000.017NOR005NOR232019468ID not found
KNAPKOIEN Tuva LarsdatterFNOR200228.0000.017NOR005NOR232019468ID not found
SAGEN OlavMNOR198826.5000.017NOR005NOR772011205ID not found
SAGEN OlavMNOR198827.0000.017NOR005NOR772011205ID not found
VåLTORP Lars OlaMNOR198348.5000.017NOR005NOR632009981ID not found
VåLTORP Lars OlaMNOR198351.5000.017NOR005NOR632009981ID not found
VANG RobertMNOR197224.5000.017NOR005NOR472012379ID not found

* in IWWF database - not submitted in record