IWWF World Ranking List Skiers

This list shows all performances for a specific tournament submitted without iwwf skier id and if in the IWWF database shows the ID. This page has been published for reference.

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NameSexCountryYOBSlalomTrickJumpTournament Codesubmitted IDID
BERNARDI JavierMMEX197227.5000.017MEX11MEX000212ID not found
BERNARDI JavierMMEX197227.5000.017MEX11MEX000212ID not found
GRIERA BoscoMMEX200225.5000.017MEX11MEX000133ID not found
GRIERA BoscoMMEX200233.0000.017MEX11MEX000133ID not found
GRIERA SofiaFMEX200525.0000.017MEX11MEX000229ID not found
GRIERA SofiaFMEX200527.0000.017MEX11MEX000229ID not found
MACIAS-SEDANO Erick JulianMMEX20050.0066200.017MEX11MEX000064ID not found
MACIAS-SEDANO Erick JulianMMEX20050.0036200.017MEX11MEX000064ID not found
MALDONADO Juan JoseMMEX198840.5000.017MEX11MEX000260ID not found
MALDONADO Juan JoseMMEX198841.0000.017MEX11MEX000260ID not found
OTERO C. Carlos Eduardo GregoMMEX19650.0010400.017MEX11MEX000207ID not found
OTERO C. Carlos Eduardo GregoMMEX19650.008900.017MEX11MEX000207ID not found
OTERO C. Carlos Eduardo GregoMMEX196540.5000.017MEX11MEX000207ID not found
OTERO C. Carlos Eduardo GregoMMEX196541.0000.017MEX11MEX000207ID not found
PALOMINO BLANCH JaimeMMEX200531.5000.017MEX11MEX000081ID not found
PALOMINO BLANCH JaimeMMEX200537.5000.017MEX11MEX000081ID not found
QUINTANA PASCUAL RamónMMEX195738.5000.017MEX11MEX000087ID not found
QUINTANA PASCUAL RamónMMEX195745.5000.017MEX11MEX000087ID not found

* in IWWF database - not submitted in record