IWWF World Ranking List Skiers

This list shows all performances for a specific tournament submitted without iwwf skier id and if in the IWWF database shows the ID. This page has been published for reference.

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NameSexCountryYOBSlalomTrickJumpTournament Codesubmitted IDID
CRASTRE NathalieFFRA197826.0000.017FRA004FRA482006494ID not found
CRASTRE NathalieFFRA197827.5000.017FRA004FRA482006494ID not found
DAUPHIN FrançoisMFRA196234.5000.017FRA004FRA732006518ID not found
DAUPHIN FrançoisMFRA196225.5000.017FRA004FRA732006518ID not found
LAURENS DelphineFFRA197827.5000.017FRA004FRA982022838ID not found
LAURENS DelphineFFRA197828.0000.017FRA004FRA982022838ID not found
PRADAT ElisaFFRA20090.002980.017FRA004FRA532019846ID not found
PRADAT ElisaFFRA20090.002780.017FRA004FRA532019846ID not found
VARLET Jean-FrançoisMFRA196728.0000.017FRA004FRA802012756ID not found
VARLET Jean-FrançoisMFRA196726.0000.017FRA004FRA802012756ID not found

* in IWWF database - not submitted in record