IWWF World Ranking List Skiers

This list shows all performances for a specific tournament submitted without iwwf skier id and if in the IWWF database shows the ID. This page has been published for reference.

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NameSexCountryYOBSlalomTrickJumpTournament Codesubmitted IDID
BLITS AviMBEL19860.00038.817BEL002BEL752007940ID not found
BLITS AviMBEL19860.00037.717BEL002BEL752007940ID not found
BLITS AviMBEL19860.0016800.017BEL002BEL752007940ID not found
BLITS AviMBEL19865.5000.017BEL002BEL752007940ID not found
DETRY CÚlineFBEL198855.0000.017BEL002BEL392008243ID not found
DETRY CÚlineFBEL198856.0000.017BEL002BEL392008243ID not found
ORLIANS GillesMBEL199233.0000.017BEL002BEL272009314ID not found
VLUYMANS IngridFBEL196326.0000.017BEL002BEL902019866ID not found
VLUYMANS IngridFBEL196325.5000.017BEL002BEL902019866ID not found

* in IWWF database - not submitted in record