[Classic Dossier] Element=etClassicDossier International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation 2014 Edition Homologation Dossier - Classic IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is not the intent of this form to add hours of extra work to the homologator's job, but rather to provide a quick checklist that gives visibility of the technical effort to the general skiing public. START OF HOMOLOGATION FORM code of competition:15AUS777 site code: AUS7025 name of competition:2015 Waterski QLD State Titles Date:14/03/2015 15/03/2015 Venue:Goondiwindi Heritage and Natural Water Park Organizing Country:Australia GPS Location of site: Australia: 28 32'52.82" E 150 19'45.82"E Type of competition (National ) Were cash prizes or merchandise awarded (Yes/No) (No ) Amount: Homologator's and Chief Judge recommendation to Tournament Council (Fill in R-Record, L-Standing List, N-Not list capable) Event Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Slalom ( L) ( L) ( ) ( ) Tricks ( N) ( N) ( ) ( ) Jump ( L) ( L) ( ) ( ) OBLIGATORY COMPOSITION OF DOSSIER: 1 copy of this document including the homologation notice HOMOLOGATOR'S CHECKLIST If checked and all according to rules put OK in brackets. If checked and any variation to the rules put an X in the brackets and explain in "Remarks" section on last page. Not applicable is NA. 1. Boats and equipment (W 10.01) (OK) 2. Speed Control (W 10.07) ( ) Maunfacturer:Zero Off Software Version:Rev R slalom (OK) OK tricks (OK) jump (OK) OK 3. Arrangement for checking skis (W 10.03) (OK) 4. Measure lines and handles (W 10.04) ( ) slalom (OK) OK jump (OK) OK handles (OK) OK 5. Arrangement for checking of skier supplied handles (W 10.06) (OK)OK 7. Homologation notice posted before start (OK) 8. Automatic timing-jump (OK) 9. Jump distance indication (W 13.11) (OK) 10.Video Jump Distance measurement (W 13.11)(OK) Backup - video tape or standard meters (VidVideo 11.Automatic timing-slalom All Buoys (OK) 12.Position and height of slalom towers (OK) (W 14.05 and W diagram 6) 12a. Slalom Officials: 1 boat judge + 2 central tower with boat video 13.Slalom buoys (W 14.06) (OK) 14.VHS vid/digital slalom endcourse(W 14.17)(OK) 15.Trick course checked (W diagram 3) ( ) 16.Position and height of trick towers ( ) (W 15.11) 16a. 5 Judges ( ) 1 x 3 Judges with video ( ) 2x 3 Judges with video ( ) 17a. Video Tricks Timing ( ) with Additional judge ( ) Chief Judge ( ) 18.VHS video/digital tricks (W15.15) ( ) 19a.Video Tricks Timing system manufacturer ( ) SLALOM COURSE TYPE :Other (expain in remarks) 21.VHS video/digital jump endcourse(W13.08a)( ) JUMP COURSE JUMP MEASUREMENT SETUP VIDEO JUMP 40m Test buoy Survey x (28.938) y (.438 ) Video system x (XXX.XX) y (XXX.XX) 60m Test buoy Survey x (XXX.XX) y (XXX.XX) Video system x (XXX.XX) y (XXX.XX) Manufacturer of Jump Video System :Corson JUMP RAMP Width at top (W 13.02a) 4.3 m Width at bottom 4.3 m Top edge to 6.4m line left side (W 13.02b,h) 6.38 m Top edge to 6.4m line right side (W 13.02b.h) 6.38 m Top edge to 6.8m line left side (W 13.02b,h) 6.74 m Top edge to 6.8m line right side (W 13.02b.h) 6.74 m Length underwater from 6.8m line (W 13.02c) .68 m Maximum Deviation from plane Diagonal string measurement (W 13.02f) 2.4 cm Center string measurement (W 13.02f) 1.5 cm (OK/X) Apron under water (W 13.02g) (OK) Apron full length (W 13.02g) (OK) Sighting line (W 13.02i) (OK) Secure anchoring (W 13.02i) (OK) Apron Angle (W 13.02k) jump height 1.65 m (a) length of edge of apron from top corner to water 2.65 m (b) ratio of b/a (0.623) ( ) minimum 0.883 maximum 0.643 RAMP SETTING Right Side Left Side Setting Height Length Ratio Height Length Ratio 1.50 1.555 6.55 0.237 1.54 6.51 0.237 1.65 1.645 6.51 0.253 1.645 6.41 0.257 1.80 XXX.X XXX.X XXX.X XXX.X XXX.X XXX.X NON-VIDEO JUMP Note: The following section is only to be completed if the jumps were measured by protractors rather than video. Automatic meter system used (Yes/No) ( ) Protractor reading units (Degrees/Grades) ( ) METER SETUP Distance (T1 - T2/A - B) (XXX.XX meters) Distance (T2 - T3/B - C) (XXX.XX meters) if not a straight line Distance (T1 - T3/A - C) (XXX.XX meters) Inter-meter angles (if not a straight line) T1/A T2/B T3/C Meter T1/A XXXXX 180.0 180.0 Meter T2/B 0.0 XXXXX 180.0 Meter T3/C 0.0 0.0 XXXXX (note shown numbers are examples - fill in with actual numbers) SET UP SIGHTINGS Angle Ramp 15ET T1/A upper XXX.X XXX.X T1/A lower XXX.X XXX.X T2/B upper XXX.X XXX.X T2/B lower XXX.X XXX.X T3/C upper XXX.X XXX.X T3/C lower XXX.X XXX.X Using average of upper and lower readings (max difference 0.1 degrees) list the error triangles with an inscribed circle diameter (max 0.15) inscribed circle diameter at ramp X.XX meters inscribed circle diameter at 15ET X.XX meters Jump system survey results (X-Y coordinates) X Y Ramp XXX.XX XXX.XX Table 1/A XXX.XX XXX.XX Table 2/B XXX.XX XXX.XX Table 3/C XXX.XX XXX.XX Buoy 15ET XXX.XX XXX.XX Attach the computer printout file at the end after the Homologation Notice Computer program checked against (OK/X) "Computer Benchmark for Computed Distances" ( ) METER STATIONS Stability and horizontal level ( ) Protractors on same vertical line ( ) Protractor graduations (max 0.2 degrees) ( ) Radius of protractors (min 0.25 m) ( ) Accuracy of sighting arms ( ) END OF HOMOLOGATION FORM It is important to leave the above section in the exact format as it will be processed automatically. The following section is where free form comments are added and attachments are made. HOMOLOGATOR'S REMARKS Slalom Course design is a 3 strand floating course with all buoys pinned to bottom. Depth of water is 1500mm. The 40m test buoy was actually set as 30m. We simply run out of time with verifying the accuracy of the program therefore we don't have a x-y coordinate in the video system box. Homologator: Brad Williams 5 Stedman St Toowoomba QLD 4350 Email: freddi1125@outlook.com Chief Judge: Michael Campbell Noosa Scorer: Belinda Derrick Amy St Hawthorne QLD This homologation record has been emailed to Bob Corson, bcorson@comcast.net for E&A: email also to Marc Raymond, SKIRAYMO@aol.com HOMOLOGATION NOTICE Tournament Name:2015 Waterski QLD State Titles Date:14/03/2015 15/03/2015 We recommend to the IWWF Tournament Council the following class of homologation: Event Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Slalom (L ) (L ) ( ) ( ) Tricks (N ) (N ) ( ) ( ) Jump (L ) (L ) ( ) ( ) Speed Control Manufacturer:Zero Off Software Version:Rev R Mode for tricks (if applicable):________________________ Date _________ ________ _______ Time _________ ________ _______ Chief Judge Homologator ____________________ ________________ Note: These recommendations may change during the competition. Remarks: [Officials] Element=etOfficials CJ=CAMpbell;Michael;AUS;JN;;Yes;;Yes; ACJ=DERRICK;Belinda;AUS;JN;;Yes;;Yes; Homolog=Williams;Brad;AUS;HN;;Yes;;Yes; AHomolog=Land;John;AUS;HN;;Yes;;Yes; Techician=Ryan;Paul;AUS;HR;;Yes;;Yes; Scorer=PURCELL;Leigh;AUS;CI;;Yes;;Yes; AScorer=TEague;Racheal;AUS;CR;;Yes;;Yes; Judge1=WIseman;Lyn;AUS;JN;;Yes;;No; Judge2=KErslake;Greg;AUS;JN;;Yes;;; Judge3=SHOrten;Daryl;AUS;JN;;Yes;;; Judge4=MCdonald;Robyn;AUS;JR;;Yes;;; Judge5=SCHache;Michael;AUS;JR;;Yes;;Yes; Judge6=SCHACHE;Kirsty;AUS;JR;;Yes;;; Judge7=TEague;Rachael;AUS;JR;;Yes;;; Judge8=KERSLAKE;Annette;AUS;JN;;Yes;;; Judge9=CANn;Allison;AUS;JR;;Yes;;; Judge10=CAMPBELL;Kim;AUS;JR;;Yes;;Yes; Judge11=CORNAle;Peter;AUS;JN;;Yes;;; Judge12=Quinn;Mark;AUS;JR;;Yes;;; Judge13=CAMpbell;Michael;AUS;JN;;;;Yes; Judge14=WEeks;John;AUS;JN;;Yes;;Yes; Driver1=Ryan;Paul;AUS;DN;;Yes;;Yes; Driver2=WISEMAN;Kevin;AUS;DI;;Yes;;; Driver3=SCHache;Dean;AUS;DN;;Yes;;; Driver4=SHorten;Daryl;AUS;DN;;Yes;;; Driver5=KErslake;Greg;AUS;DN;;Yes;;Yes; [Classic Slalom Course] Element=etClassicSlalomCourse TypeHomo=Ranking Stations=Polar Unit=Minute-Second Degrees Distance St1-St2= Distance St1-St3= Distance St2-St3= UseBuoyRadius=1 G1=9.2018;114.8350;0.2000; G2=10.3338;115.3720;0.2000; G3=168.2314;148.7600;0.2000; G4=167.2642;149.2000;0.2000; S1=6.2118;86.3780;0.2000; S2=36.5052;57.2500;0.2000; S3=73.5547;13.5900;0.2000; S4=133.4145;52.4570;0.2000; S5=167.5643;79.9940;0.2000; S6=160.3850;125.2260;0.2000; B 1=13.0110;88.5020;0.2200; B 2=14.2642;89.1430;0.2200; B 3=25.3939;50.1740;0.2200; B 4=27.5413;51.3090;0.2200; B 5=79.4513;23.8330;0.2200; B 6=80.2356;26.1050;0.2200; B 7=145.2919;44.5800;0.2200; B 8=143.0220;45.8080;0.2200; B 9=160.4611;82.2860;0.2200; B10=159.1524;83.0000;0.2200; B11=166.2017;122.0550;0.2200; B12=165.1709;122.5700;0.2200; PG1=5.3105;169.0060;0.2200; PG2=6.2135;169.3500;0.2200; PG3=170.5058;203.2660;0.2200; PG4=170.0910;203.5350;0.2200; Tr1=348.2314;72.2620;; Tr2=149.2855;127.7600;; [Classic Jump Course] Element=etClassicJumpCourse TypeHomo=Ranking Stations=Polar Unit=Minute-Second Degrees Distance St1-St2= Distance St1-St3= Distance St2-St3= UseBuoyRadius=1 15pg=;;0.2200; 19pg=;;0.2200; 210m=;;0.2200; 180m=144.3208;228.3300;0.2200; 150m=142.0312;199.5060;0.2200; 15st=125.0239;138.3400;0.2200; 19st=123.4427;140.7700;0.2200; 15nt=;;0.2200; 19nt=;;0.2200; 15mt=91.0619;87.7700;0.2200; 19mt=90.1402;91.5120;0.2200; 15et=63.4020;83.7230;0.2200; 19et=64.0032;87.6470;0.2200; 15ec=35.2955;102.8900;0.2200; 19ec=36.4620;106.0800;0.2200; R1=102.2748;76.4870;; R2=100.4934;80.0380;; R=101.3944;78.2780;; [Video Jump Buoys] Element=etVideoJump TypeHomo=Ranking JumpDirection=Left Stations=Polar Unit=Minute-Second Degrees Distance St1-St2= Distance St1-St3= Distance St2-St3= UseBuoyRadius=1 A=102.3233;55.9900;0.2200; B=97.3736;96.4400;0.2200; C=84.1551;49.4800;0.2200; D=80.1901;87.8380;0.2200; E=66.5523;48.4500;0.2200; F=75.4508;87.0600;0.2200; G=70.2330;86.9100;0.2200; H=63.1029;88.0700;0.2200; Cam1=176.2154;13.3100;; R1=102.2748;76.4870;; R2=100.4934;80.0380;; R=101.3944;78.2780;; 15st=125.0239;138.3400;0.2200; 15mt=91.1136;87.7900;0.2200; 15et=63.5059;83.6600;0.2200; 20m=;;0.2200; 30m=80.0613;69.0240;0.2200; 40m=;;0.2200; 50m=;;0.2200; 60m=;;0.2200; 70m=;;0.2200; 80m=;;0.2200; Axe=15st - 15mt [Options] ViewStyle=0