Tournament: LATIN AMERICAN SENIOR TOUR - Code:16MEX03 - Site:MEX004 - Date: Type: 2

IWSF World Ranking List Tournament Placement Points

This for is for Type 2 tournaments - all performances are used across all divisions to set the placement

Ranking is calculated after each tournament based on the previous ranking, placement in the current tournament, and skiers in the event.

Men Slalom

PlaceNameCountrysexyobiwsf idtourscoreexpected scorepointsNew Rank
1LAMADRID AlvaroMEXM1989MEX00005616MEX033.02.5713.761812.96
2ANGULO JoaquinMEXM1997MEX00001016MEX032.01.0630.081298.09
3SAHAGUN DiegoMEXM1996MEX00009616MEX031.02.30-41.61670.97
4FERNANDEZ RodrigoMEXM1985MEX00003916MEX030.00.07-2.24784.15
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