Executive Board

IWWF President
Mr. Kuno Ritschard
Country: SUI
email: president@iwwfed.com
Honorary President
Mr. Andres Botero
Country: COL
email: nauticabotero@une.net.co
IWWF Secretary General
Mrs. Gillian Hill
Country: GBR
email: gill@MyWaterskiemail.com
IWSF Treasurer
Mr. Chris Howarth
Country: CHN
email: chrishowarth@yahoo.com
Vice President
Mr. Louis Polome
Country: RSA
email: louisp@sdtec.co.za
To be Announced
Mr. David Skillen
Country: AUS
email: daskillen@yahoo.com
Vice President
Mr. Thomas Lin
Country: TPE
email: Thomas.trisco@gmail.com
Vice President
Mr. Peter Frei
Country: SUI
email: peter.frei@freipw.ch
Vice President
Mr. Ed Donald
Country: NZL
email: ed.donald@bayleys.co.nz
Vice President
Mrs. Jeffry Armstrong
Country: USA
email: Jeffryaski@aol.com
Confederation President - Africa Confederation
Mr. Jerome Bauser
Country: RSA
email: President@sawaterski.co.za
Confederation Representative - Africa Confederation
Mr. Martin Schmidt
Country: NAM
email: 264811272022@mtcmobile.com.na
Confederation President - Asia Confederation
Mr. Paul Fong
Country: SIN
email: executive@iwwfed.com
Confederation Representative - Asia Confederation
Mr. Chris Howarth
Country: CHN
email: chrishowarth@yahoo.com
Confederation President - Europe Confederation
Mr. Alain Amade
Country: FRA
email: amade@wanadoo.fr
Confederation Representative - Europe Confederation
Mr. Sid Adriaensen
Country: BEL
email: sid.adriaensen@h2oski.be
Confederation President - Oceania Confederation
Mr. Russell Morris
Country: AUS
email: Waterski@distillerylogistics.com.au
Confederation Representative - Oceania Confederation
Mrs. Janice Thurgar
Country: AUS
email: janice.thurgar@gmail.com
Confederation President - PanAm Confederation
Mr. Peter Person
Country: CAN
email: peter_person@telus.net
Confederation Representative - PanAm Confederation
Mr. Jose Antonio Perez Priego
Country: MEX
email: presidencia@femea.com.mx
Barefoot Council Chairman
Mr. Richard Gray
Country: CAN
email: G1footer@gmail.com
Cableski Council Chairman
Mrs. Marie-Anne Persoons
Country: BEL
email: marie-anne.persoons@h2oski.be
Racing Council Chairman
Mr. Dusty Schulz
Country: USA
email: SchDusty@aol.com
Tournament Council Chairman
Mr. Robert Corson
Country: USA
email: bcorson@comcast.net
Wakeboard Boat - Council Chairman
Mr. Nuno Eša
Country: POR
email: nuno.eca@wakeboardcouncil.com
Wakeboard Cable - Council Chairperson
Mrs. Varna Laco
Country: CRO
email: varna@vip.hr
Athletes Commission Chairman
Ms. Ageliki Andriopoulou
Country: GRE
email: aageliki@hotmail.com
Athletes Commission Representative
Mr. Stuart Marston
Country: GBR
email: stuart@llski.com
Officer for International Relations
Mrs. Depy Papadimitriou
Country: GRE
email: depypapadimitriou@hotmail.com