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WorldCup Message - Elite Results for Moomba have been added to the Elite rankings

Sent March 14th 2016

Elite Results for Moomba have been added to the Elite rankings ...

WorldCup Message - Incorrect List

Sent October 18th 2015

Please ignore the previous message which was incorrectly sent on the wrong list. I apologize for the inconvenience. ...

WorldCup Message - Halloween Decorating Contest will be judges Friday Oct. 23

Sent October 18th 2015

The Halloween Decorating Contest will be judged on Friday, Oct.23. Here is the information and sign up link: ...

WorldCup Message - Urgent - Malaysia Situation

Sent August 22nd 2015

We have been informed by the organizers that due to political issues in Malaysia, the World Cup stop is in jeopardy. The following link describes some of the situation now happening in Malaysia: Please put a hold on all plans until further notice. We will try to get a final resolution as soon as possible. Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message-Date Change for Chile Night Jump

Sent August 20th 2015

Organizers have announced a date change for the Chile Night jump The new date is November 28 Tournament Name: CHILE NIGHT JUMP 2015 Location: Miranda´s Ski School, Santiago Chile Dates Requested: Start date: 2015-11-28 - End Date: 2015-11-28 Contact Name: Waldo Miranda contact email: f@anakea.c contact phone: web site: ...

WorldCup Message - Rocketman Night Jump Cash Prize raised to $15,000

Sent August 18th 2015

WorldCup Message - Rocketman Night Jump Cash Prize raised to $15,000 Tournament Name: Rocket man Night Jump Location: Mapple Sports Orlando, FL Dates Requested: Start date: 2015-09-26 - End Date: 2015-09-26 Contact Name: scot ellis contact email: Tournament organizer Scot Ellis has raised the cash prize total from $13,000 to $15,000. Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message - World Cup Information

Sent August 10th 2015

For your information, this year, there will be no overall bonus for participation in multiple tournaments. Going forward, we are working with future organizers to reinstate this for 2016. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours truly, Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message - World Cup Putrajaya status

Sent August 2nd 2015

At this point we can definitely announce Shortboard and Jump. The final decision about slalom has to made by 31st August by the latest. You can fill in your travel plans at the Putrajaya travel link: Thank you and good luck. Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message - Skier withdrawal from Putrajaya - Cambray

Sent August 1st 2015

Iris Cambray has withdrawn from the World Cup at Putrajaya. Alex Lauretano is now on the entry list. ...

WorldCup Message - Elite Calendar

Sent July 24th 2015

An Elite tournament has been added to the Elite Calendar 2015-08-24 2015-08-25 Jump Jam Isles of Lake Hancock Ski Club See all at: Bob Corson ...

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