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WorldCup Message - Elite Calendar

Sent July 24th 2015

An Elite tournament has been added to the Elite Calendar 2015-08-24 2015-08-25 Jump Jam Isles of Lake Hancock Ski Club See all at: Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message - skier withdrawal from Putrajaya

Sent July 14th 2015

Giannina BONNEMANN has withdrawn from Putrajaya. Michale Briant is now on the entry list ...

WorldCup Message - skier withdrawal from Putrajaya

Sent June 14th 2015

Chris Rossi has withdrawn from Putrajaya Daniel Odvarko is now on the entry list ...

WorldCup Message - World Cup Putrajaya

Sent June 2nd 2015

World Cup Putrajaya Memo to qualified skiers: Please wait to buy flight tickets as the World Cup may be run in a reduced format due to financial problems of the Malaysia government. More news should be available before end of June. Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message - World Cup Update

Sent May 19th 2015

Just a note: In my earlier message I mentioned Palembang. I have previously sent a message that Palembang has been moved to 2016 and this is still the case. Sorry for the confusion. Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message - new World Cup Rules

Sent May 19th 2015

Memo to skiers regarding the World Cup: During the World Cup event in Mandurah it became clear that the procedures on how to handle poor conditions were not clearly set out. Since then the World Cup Management Committee has added to the rules more specific language and procedures on how poor conditions will affect the event and how it will be handled in the future. These rules are in the attached document. The registration for Putrajaya has already been completed. There will be a jump event at Palembang. The registr...

WorldCup Message - Palembang World Cup

Sent April 27th 2015

To: World Cup Eligible Skiers/Riders The planned World Cup tournament in Palembang on September 4-6, 2016 has been postponed until 2016. The lake is having construction on it to prepare for the Canoeing and Rowing events for the 2018 Asian Games. The construction will start in May and last 8 months. As soon as the new dates are known we will post that information. Yours truly, Bob Corson ...

WorldCup Message for Elite Skiers from USAWaterski

Sent April 14th 2015

WorldCup Message for Elite Skiers from USAWaterski If you are a non-USA athlete competing in IWWF Ranking List/World Record tournamentsin the United States, please read the message belowand act now to ensure that your scores are included on the IWWF Ranking List. Thank you. Jim Grew, USA-WS President April 13, 2015 TO: Non-US Elite Athlete Since you are a non-USA athlete competing in the United States, you must have your IWWF License ID number listed with USA Water Ski in order for your scores here to be ...

WorldCup Message - Skier ID numbers

Sent March 24th 2015

This is a message for all non-USA skiers who are planning to ski in US Water Ski tournaments. The IWWF is now requiring that all ranking list data submitted has a valid Federation issued skier ID. Here is a link to the ID's that have currently been supplied. If your name is not on the list, you must contact your federation to get your number. All non-US skiers must join AWSA for insurance purposes to ski in the US. When you join or renew with AW...

WorldCup Message - skier withdrawal - Mandurah

Sent March 2nd 2015

Jimmy Siemers has withdrawn due to injury Brian Kinney is now moved up from the wait list to the entry list ...

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